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Mack Brown Talks About the Upcoming Season

A CW member had the privilege of attending Mack Brown’s Luncheon this past Wednesday at the J.W. Marriott in Houston, Texas. We’ll be the first to admit we expected to be fed a dose of B.S. that we could wash down with a glass of unicorn milk. However, this was not the case. Mack spoke with more energy and passion than we’ve seen from him in years. In fact, he chose to speak way past his allotted time because he wanted to answer as many questions as possible. Mack emphasized “speed” as his primary objective on defense/offense and is willing to move players around to achieve that.
Here are a few points he touched on during the luncheon:

• The offense will go primarily no-huddle aiming for 90 plays per game instead of 68 last year.
- We couldn’t be happier to hear this. It’s what Longhorn fans have wanted for years. We’ve seen how successful it’s been for Texas A&M, West Virginia, Ohio State, and Oklahoma. This is the new standard of college football offenses, regardless of what Nick Saban thinks.

• Texas returns 19 of 22 starters including the most experienced QB in the Big 12.
- One of the biggest hurdles last year was the rawness of Texas’ players. With 19 players returning in 2013, Texas will have one of the most experienced squads in the country. This includes David Ash who will be the most tenured QB in the Big 12. Ash was Top 20 in the country in passer efficiency last year and Mack expects a Young/McCoy type production for his junior year. He was recently named to the Davey O’Brien Award watch list for the 2013 season.

• Big 12 most balanced league in the country.
- This could be looked at two different ways, but it does show the amount of parity in the Big 12. Mack claims, “Anybody can beat anyone else on any given day in the Big 12″. The top 7 SEC teams beat the bottom 7 teams to a win-loss record of 30-0 last year.

• Tyrone Swoopes running the second string offense.
- Mack announced that Swoopes will be handling the 2’s. He also expects Swoopes to receive playing time this year mainly because Mack doesn’t want to have an inexperienced QB for 2014. It looks as if Case McCoy will be demoted to third string… he’s been in Peru on a mission all summer. Texas’ other QB Jalen Overstreet will be working with the slot receivers during training camp this summer. Mack praised his athletic ability and with Cayleb Jones transferring Texas will need another strong back up at receiver.

Mack Brown has received a ton of heat recently with some even calling for his job. We were on the same boat, but if you look at his record it’s hard to justify a better option as the head coach. Under Brown, Texas has finished the year ranked Top 15 in 10 of 13 seasons. This includes seven Top 10 finishes and five Top 5 rankings. Mack Brown’s record speaks for itself and though the past few years have been disappointing to say the least we are excited to hear Mack’s confidence for the upcoming season.

Hook ‘em.


[H/T to John Johanning]


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