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2016 Season – Tenth Anniversary CW Tailgate

It’s been an interesting offseason as Augie finally got axed, Baylor sent half their recruiting class 100 miles down southbound 35, and the Longhorns still don’t have a quarterback. Nevertheless, things are looking up and Craig’s Way is ready to celebrate ten years of tailgating this season. What a way to kick off our 10th Anniversary celebration but with arguably the biggest home game for Texas since the Buckeyes came to town back in 2006. Sorry, Ole Miss, but opening with the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and all that history is creating quite a buzz.

You know Craig’s Way always goes all out for huge home games, and this is no different. You can bet we’ll have over thirty cases of Silver Bullets, Colorado Kool-Aid, and Blue Moon on ice along with cases upon cases of locally distilled spirits from Treaty Oak Distillery. Oh wait, there’s more. We’ll fire up the smoker with your favorite meats including Zummo Sausage and boudin. Oh wait, there’s more. Craig’s Way would like to welcome legendary Texas Country music artist Pete Benz who will be playing riffs off his albums Hang On Cowboy and Hold Your Horses, as well as your favorite Texas Country covers. Pete will get the party rocking at 2:00pm, so we hope to see you all out there… and as Pete would put it, “good luck trying to find something better!”

- CW


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